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04.06.07 20:40  Philip CrystalPlayer 1.98... CrystalPlayer 1.98 RC1 is av... News
03.16.07 21:08  Philip CrystalPlayer 1.98... CrystalPlayer 1.98 Pro (Vista)... News
03.20.06 17:41  Philip CrystalPlayer 1.97... We are happy to announce the a... News
09.10.05 03:02  IDMAN Download old versi... How do i download a early vers... News
09.08.05 18:35  Lain_13 GUI I'm not Anonymus! :) Old GUI w... News
08.05.05 08:56  mcanti OLD OSD RULEZ I agree totally!!! The big vo... News
04.25.05 19:32  Kim Crystal Player Pro... Few minor fixes in MPEG1/2 Dec... News
04.11.05 17:12  Kim 1.95 RC1 After two months of MPEG2 deco... News
04.05.05 11:00  0R0B0R0S New OSD Bravo! for the new version. It... News
03.27.05 18:48  YuNa_NL Translate CrystalP... I have a question about the tr... News
 CrystalPlayer 1.98 RC1 released!
  04.06.07 20:40 by Philip

CrystalPlayer 1.98 RC1 is available.
You can download it from:

Changes since RC0:

* New: Show total playback time in the playlist mode
* Bugfix: Skins bugfixes, redownload skins please
* New: Supersampling doesn't leave "red line" on the right border
* New: Autoclick to menu on OSD when moving the mouse
* Bugfix: Windows 98 is finally supported (95 - not support)
* New: Hold system time and playback time on click to them
* New: AC3 Decoder LFE channel mix in stereo mode
* Bugfix: Update help file, some menu items was changed
* New: Save current position in playlist
* Bugfix: Misc AVI Splitter fixes
* Bugfix: YV12 on non-standard widths fixed
* Bugfix: Deinterlace filter can be switched on/off manually
* Bugfix: Better playlist randomization
* Bugfix: MPEG2 Decoder fixes with Vista MPEG2 splitter

Thanks for your informative bug reports, we've tried hard to address all the issues reported. As always, please send your issues to or post to this forum.

Hopefully, we are near to 1.98 release.
 CrystalPlayer 1.98 (Vista)
  03.16.07 21:08 by Philip
CrystalPlayer 1.98 Pro (Vista) RC0 is done!
Please check it by URL:

There a lots of bugfixes and new features, whose were oftenly requested namely:

* New: Complete Windows Vista support: overlays, WMV playback, Glass, Shadows
* New: Keyboard with multimedia keys support
* New: Built-in MPEG4 decoder
* New: Nullsoft installer
* New: Each codec in the codecbase now uses its own installer
* New: Adding lots of files is now much faster
* New: Drag&Drop subtitles acceptance
* New: Languages update - Arabic and Dutch added
* New: Current splitter is now shown in property dialog
* New: Better move by mouse in playlist
* New: Show messages during adding file to playlist and searching codec
* New: Playlist is automaticall saved after any playlist change
* Bugfix: Windows 9x support
* Bugfix: CD/DVD while where is no any compact disc in device problem
* Bugfix: Playlist sorting
* Bugfix: If minimized and run other file form explorer - window restored not into foreground
* Bugfix: New scale for volume control (not -12..+12, but 0-100-200)
* Bugfix: Equalizer fixes
* Bugfix: Timebar repaint fix - more time until fadeout if mouse under timebar or equalizer
* Workaround: Latest DivX put icon in taskbar and CP loses focus
* Bugfix: Copy to clipboard didn't always work
* Bugfix: Current playing file is now in the top of the recent list

Please use or this forum for bug reports.

The keys of 1.98 Pro should satisfy this RC.
If you want to participate in Beta program, please subscribe to 'CrystalPlayer Beta List' in MyCrystal/MySubscriptions.
We can also offer valid Crystal Pro licenses for most vital bugreports!

Thanks for your support and warm responses!
 CrystalPlayer 1.97 Free and Pro released!
  03.20.06 17:41 by Philip
We are happy to announce the availability of 1.97 version of both CrystalPlayer Free and Pro.

Free version is updated to the latest 1.97 bringing the following new features compared to 1.85:

* New: Bookmarks in playlist with import and export functionality
* New: On Screen Display controls
* New: Playlists now work in fullscreen
* New: Deinterlacing video filter (for DVD)
* New: Built-in Crystal Reality MPEG1/2 video decoder (beta)
* New: Built-in Crystal Reality ATSC A52 (AC3) multichannel audio decoder (beta)
* New: Precise 10 band spectrum equalizer
* New: WhenU Save addon
* Bugfix: CrystalPlayer Free now works with QuickTime-alternative
* Bugfix: Huge AVI files (> 2 Gb) support

Pro version changelog:

* Bugfix: Several fixes in Crystal MPEG2 Decoder
* Bugfix: Minor bugfixes in Crystal AC3 Decoder
* Bugfix: Huge AVI files (> 2 Gb) support

Send us your experience to and our forums.
 Download old version of CP
  09.10.05 03:02 by IDMAN (
How do i download a early version ?
e.g. don't work

Good day to all...
 Crystal Player Professional 1.95 RC2
  04.25.05 19:32 by Kim (
Few minor fixes in MPEG1/2 Decoder and MPEG1/2 demultiplexer. Enjoy your SuperVideoCD-s
 1.95 RC1
  04.11.05 17:12 by Kim (
After two months of MPEG2 decoder refactoring we would like to introduce you CrystalPlayer Pro 1.95 RC1 for preview.

Please enjoy and don't forget to give us your feedback.
 New OSD
  04.05.05 11:00 by 0R0B0R0S
Bravo! for the new version. It really does seem to run a lot more smoother.

I must say however that the newer OSD is usable (contrary to what many other users have been saying) but they are difficult to use because the slides are so small, and I especially appreciated the larger volume slide on the side.

I'll be looking out for your new version, and see how you work out this problem for many users!

Have you thought about the possibilty of creating implementing ASX creation, with the possibility of playing parts of a video (setting the start and stop points)?
Just an idea!

 Translate CrystalPlayer 2 your own language...
  03.27.05 18:48 by YuNa_NL
I have a question about the translation of CrystalPlayer
into your own language.....
I've never done this before, so HELP!!!

I want to translate it to the Dutch (nederlandse) language...So i downloaded the file, but i don't know what to do with it..
Can somebody HELP me, PLEASE!!!...


Greetings From Holland
  03.18.05 14:27 by CK
Please!!!, Crystal Player is the best player... but in newest version options in screen display are unconfortable, put the old OSD like v1.8


cRiSTiAn from Argentina.
  08.05.05 08:56 by mcanti
I agree totally!!!
The big volume bar on the left was awesome... now it's gone :(
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