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10.11.08 23:57  Anonymou... Change OSD - possi... old style (v1.8 and older) the... Skins
05.08.08 20:55  Anonymou... Change OSD - possi... Hello, I'm very sad for disap... Skins
11.27.07 04:44  MScruz New Background pic... new background image - biges... Skins
08.19.07 16:27  Anonymou... Button request Could someone add two buttons ... Skins
08.13.07 14:36  Vadim Problem with skin ... Yes it is true. You can't do a... Skins
08.11.07 19:16  Anonymou... Problem with skin ... Does't work this skin in versi... Skins
07.29.07 23:25  Anonymou... I have a new skin. Ther is my own skin. The base... Skins
06.25.07 19:57  Vadim Doubleclick You could focus window by clic... Skins
06.14.07 20:55  Anonymou... Doubleclick Guys please, add option "pause... Skins
05.31.07 20:59  Vadim Windows Media Play... Skins
 New Background picture [Reply]
  11.27.07 04:44 by MScruz (
new background image
- bigest playlist entries (like in modern skin)
- fullscrean menu

 Button request [Reply]
  08.19.07 16:27 by Anonymous
Could someone add two buttons to a skin? It would be really helpful to have buttons for the control-left arrow and control-right arrow keys. I would be more than glad to use the skin that has these functions built in as buttons. Thank you very much in advance.

 Problem with skin Windows Media 11 1.0 [Reply]
  08.11.07 19:16 by Anonymous
Does't work this skin in version Crystal Player Professional 1.98 RC0 in Windows XP SP2. What do I do not so?
 Problem with skin Windows Media 11 1.0 [Reply]
  08.13.07 14:36 by Vadim (
Yes it is true. You can't do anything.
Use CrystalPlayer 1.98 Release please.
 I have a new skin. [Reply]
  07.29.07 23:25 by Anonymous
Ther is my own skin.
The base is AquaPlus. I updated to me.

1) Whats new?
- new background image
- bigest playlist entries (like in modern skin)
- fullscrean menu

2)You can see it there:

3) You can download the skin there:

 Doubleclick [Reply]
  06.14.07 20:55 by Anonymous
Guys please, add option "pause on doubleclick", not click. While u try to focus the window with video - u stop playback, it sux
 Doubleclick [Reply]
  06.25.07 19:57 by Vadim (
You could focus window by click on skin area.
 remove OSD [Reply]
  05.25.07 23:23 by Anonymous
is it possible to remove OSD(equalizer and color adjust popup screen) at all? i can't find the button. plz help.
 remove OSD [Reply]
  05.29.07 20:22 by Vadim (
Ok, I had made it in 1.98 release
 remove OSD [Reply]
  05.29.07 21:43 by Anonymous
but how? plz, answer...the popup window is so annoying... i don't need this equalizer at all, rly...
 remove OSD [Reply]
  05.29.07 22:36 by Vadim (
1.98 release will be soon
 remove OSD [Reply]
  05.31.07 11:37 by Anonymous
thank you
 newpentagram [Reply]
  04.11.07 01:28 by Anonymous
Could you tel me if there is any menu on that skin ?
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  03.30.07 22:31 by Anonymous
This can someone make finished as skin here?

I do not understand unfortunately so well in English!


Photoshop PSD Download

 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  04.18.07 16:28 by Vadim (
Could you make 7 top buttons (not 4 as now) for menu buttons. And remove ">>" button at top-right.
Overall we like your image.
And if you don't know how make skin, we can finish this image as skin ourself.
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  04.23.07 15:50 by Anonymous

I have it now so made as described. Hope that it is so correct.
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.07.07 20:20 by Anonymous
Here is the Skin!
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.07.07 20:22 by Vadim (
Ok, I'll make skin, when I will be able.
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.16.07 04:49 by Anonymous
the skin is allready finnished!

 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.16.07 09:37 by Anonymous
wow, it's wonderful. Where can I download it? Thanks
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.31.07 20:59 by Vadim (
Windows Vista glass and shadow effects work in CrystalPlayer 1.98. In other Windows and in previous versions of CrystaplPlayer it will be normal work without glass and shadows. In 1.98RC - incorrect transparent of menu, download 1.98Release.
 Windows Media Player 11 Skin... [Reply]
  05.19.07 04:20 by Anonymous
here is the download link...
 DarkCry skin.. ? [Reply]
  11.27.06 21:39 by hs|neo (
Hi there,

I made a new skin for the player, this is my first skin ever ever :)
U can check it if u haven't already.
waiting for opinions :)

i'm gonna try to create a graphically more 'extreme' skin, but this now wanted to be a clean, smooth, elegant skin. hope its not bad :)
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