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06.13.12 01:27  Support Проблема с регистр... Это в другой форум. А точнее в... Combat
05.13.12 20:49  Serg657 Проблема с регистр... Добрый день. после переустанов... Combat
04.11.12 10:19  gechka Вопрос Будет ли поддержка планшета Sa... Combat
12.22.11 13:31  Dante_La... Проблема с регистр... Добрый день. после переустанов... Combat
11.29.11 15:08  Anonymou... ipad Android is unlike any other mo... Combat
09.09.09 11:31  Anonymou... Motion interpolati... I was wondering if anyone has ... Combat
06.15.09 19:36  nagyistv... Player program usa... I used the free version of C... Combat
08.18.08 04:59  Anonymou... Besides the servic... are you crazy ???????????? Combat
08.18.08 01:02  Anonymou... Simply the best For me Crystal Player is by fa... Combat
08.20.07 20:05  Anonymou... eNdEmiOn To bad DVD playback isn't goin... Combat
 Проблема с регистрацией [Reply]
  05.13.12 20:49 by Serg657 (
Добрый день. после переустановки Windows 7, CrystalTV Не хочет принимать регистрационный код, который еще не истек.
 Проблема с регистрацией [Reply]
  06.13.12 01:27 by Support (
Это в другой форум. А точнее в службу поддержки. А если еще быстрее хочется - то в CrystalTV->Change Device
 Вопрос [Reply]
  04.11.12 10:19 by gechka
Будет ли поддержка планшета Sansung galaxy tab?
 Проблема с регистрационным кодом [Reply]
  12.22.11 13:31 by Dante_Lateru (
Добрый день. после переустановки Windows XP, CrystalTV Не хочет принимать регистрационный код, который еще не истек.
 Motion interpolation video demo? [Reply]
  09.09.09 11:31 by Anonymous (
I was wondering if anyone has or could make a slow panning and fast motion video demos of Crystal Player's motion interpolation. I have searched and not found any already made.
 Player program usage preference [Reply]
  06.15.09 19:36 by nagyistvan18

I used the free version of Crystal Player up until today.

There were some movies where I had to disable the internal AVI splitter. And of course I found the occasional lemon among the oranges, so I had to resort falling back to VLC as a third option.

However, I saw that libavcodec has been integrated, so there's no more need to use anything else but Crystal Player.

This a huge advantage, I would advertise it as the first reason that stands over any other player.

 Besides the service at CP is great, too [Reply]
  08.18.08 04:59 by Anonymous
are you crazy ????????????
 Simply the best [Reply]
  08.18.08 01:02 by Anonymous
For me Crystal Player is by far the best player.
Only thing thats missing is the DVD option.
Im sure this option will come in the near future.
With DVDplay its gonna be the perfect player.
Besides the service at CP is great, too.

 eNdEmiOn [Reply]
  08.19.07 04:49 by Anonymous
I like the player it's the quickest player I have on my PC. You can easily skip a few seconds or a minute (left right (+ CTRL)). Really useful if you want to browse trough video files.
It's not the best and most versatile player that oner goes to VLC (which is free btw).

There are a few things I mis in this player:
- Streaming video playback
- DVD playback (not just .vob's)
- More accessible playlist

Lately I would appreciate a transparency option so that I can surf the web and still have some video running. Now I find myself dragging the window to different corners all the time.

Crystal player
- Very good audio normalization
- Easy and with good steps zooming
- Quick start + skipping ahead
- Audio delay options

- mpeg icon wile playing .mpg files
- not free

- Playback of as good as everything
- No codecs needed (build in)
- Very customizable
- FREE!!

- No zooming
 eNdEmiOn [Reply]
  08.20.07 17:12 by Vadim (
We working on DVD and streaming, but it will be not soon.
More accessible playlist will be in thr next version.
There are no mpeg icon in 1.98 version.
 eNdEmiOn [Reply]
  08.20.07 20:05 by Anonymous
To bad DVD playback isn't going to be added for some time. I'm using 1.95 because I got all kinds of problems any version up.

BTW is it possible to zoom the entire video stream instead of just the in window part so that zooming is translated trough the tv out as well (I've set my tv as secondary display with fullscreen videoplayback enabled (forceware)).
 ipad [Reply]
  11.29.11 15:08 by Anonymous (
Android is unlike any other mobile development platform or Java-based environment. Triple Bottom Line’s Android webinar will immerse students in the Android platform, leveraging their existing Java expertise, and allowing them to walk away from the class ready to build Android GUIs and related components.On the first class you will write your first Android Activities. Through the rest of the week you will be progressively introduced to more and more of what Android has to offer – services, multitouch, and system search services. You will apply this knowledge with working code every step of the way. Be ready to work hard and learn a lot in this intensive, hands-on, five day introduction to programming with the Android platform.

 My humble opinion about Crystal Player [Reply]
  08.10.07 12:55 by Anonymous
Most of player developers try to satisfy tastes of as large as possible number of users and overload interface with many useless features. Prime example is Zoom Player. From amount of settings the head is turned, besides that the majority of them are absolutely useless. The main advantage of Crystal Player in its simplicity of adjustment and functional balance. It has nothing superfluous and it has all that it is necessary for comfortable viewing. Just start and look your video. There are only two main competitors of Crystal Player - GOM Player & KM Player. They both have much in common with a CP, but serious advantages before him they have no. In Crystal Player so has all that it is necessary, but at the same time it is much more convenient and simply than GOM & KM. Except for that such beautiful and convenient OSD as at CP is not present anywhere more. To put it briefly what to choose everyone decides for himself. I have made the choice and this choice is CP and only CP! For me it out of competition! :)
 My humble opinion about Crystal Player [Reply]
  08.10.07 16:26 by Philip
Thanks a lot for your kind words. Such opinions inspire us on continuing the development of Crystal Player.
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