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01.02.13 23:43  Anonymou... matroska file i can not watch the matroska v... Codecs
10.12.11 03:02  Mr.Mojo MP4 Problems I really like the player, but ... Codecs
09.05.11 21:04  Vokruss Не работает на iP... Купил на iPad прогу и доп кан... Codecs
08.16.11 00:08  Anonymou... help! I can't watch RMVB videos, I m... Codecs
06.13.11 05:16  Mikal mp4 files Why will my player not play mp... Codecs
10.25.10 05:39  Anonymou... Crystal TV Здраствуйте у меня Nokia 3250 ... Codecs
03.28.10 17:01  Anonymou... crystal player nee... crystal player need audio comp... Codecs
03.19.10 12:09  Anonymou... Problem downloadin... Nic's XviD Ddecoder 230203 Codecs
12.25.09 18:55  Anonymou... crystal player nee... com,o consigo esse compressor?... Codecs
11.10.09 16:48  Anonymou... crystal player nee... "crystal player cannot find de... Codecs
 matroska file [Reply]
  01.02.13 23:43 by Anonymous
i can not watch the matroska video file , can you please help me
 MP4 Problems [Reply]
  10.12.11 03:02 by Mr.Mojo
I really like the player, but even the WMP works better with MP4 files. When opening a MP4 file with Crystal Player the blue bar at the bottom starts constantly loading. Too bad, in my opinion it has too much setting which confuses a lot. Most people are not Pc professionals.
 Не работает на iPad [Reply]
  09.05.11 21:04 by Vokruss (
Купил на iPad прогу и доп каналы поработал час и все не работает что-бы я ни делал-ноль не знаю опять мошенничество до каких пор все это продолжаться будет?
 help! [Reply]
  08.16.11 00:08 by Anonymous (
I can't watch RMVB videos, I mean I can but without sound,it says: Crystal player cannot find decompressor,should Crystal try to download it from Internet? audio <COOK>

But when I click on "yes" it says: cannot download audio decompressor: audio <COOK>

I have Crystal Player Professional 1.98

what should I do,please help me....
 mp4 files [Reply]
  06.13.11 05:16 by Mikal
Why will my player not play mp4 files, I selected all associations for files. Thanks in advance....
 Crystal TV [Reply]
  10.25.10 05:39 by Anonymous (
Здраствуйте у меня Nokia 3250 прошивка ( V 04.60 ) в маленкей екране визуално вижу видеопередачу а голос нет. А на полном екране голос ест изображение нет. Что мне делат?
Спасибо за вниманию.
 crystal player need audio compressor <0h> [Reply]
  11.10.09 16:48 by Anonymous
"crystal player cannot find decompressor,should crystal player try to download it from the internet? audio <0h>"

"cannot download audio decompressor: audio <0h>"

what to do? crystal player plays mkv file with no sound.
 crystal player need audio compressor <0h> [Reply]
  03.28.10 17:01 by Anonymous
crystal player need audio compressor<oh>
 crystal player need audio compressor <0h> [Reply]
  12.25.09 18:55 by Anonymous
com,o consigo esse compressor?

 can't play even install codec [Reply]
  11.07.09 13:39 by Anonymous
i have problem with mp4 files
even intall quicktime and divx
can't play mp4 files
why ?
Note:I mean with Crystal others player's can play mp4 files

 wvc1 [Reply]
  06.24.09 18:38 by Anonymous
I need codec wvc1.
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