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 CrystalPlayer Professional: History of changes

New in 1.98 version (Vista)

  • New: Complete Windows Vista support: overlays, WMV playback, Glass, Shadows
  • New: Vista Glass support in skin engine
  • New: Keyboard with multimedia keys support, right mouse click using 'Menu' keyboard key
  • New: Built-in MPEG4 decoder
  • New: Nullsoft installer, translation .ttb files are now located just in the installation folder
  • New: Each codec in the codecbase now uses its own installer
  • New: Major speed optimizations for huge playlists loading
  • New: Drag&Drop subtitles acceptance
  • New: Languages update - Arabic and Dutch added
  • New: Current splitter and decoder are now shown in property dialog ('P' key)
  • New: Better move by mouse in playlist
  • New: Show messages during adding file to playlist and searching codec
  • New: Playlist is automatically saved after any playlist change
  • New: Auto-deinterlacing filter
  • New: Show total playback time in the playlist mode
  • New: Sticky movie and system time in the playback mode
  • New: Supersampling doesn't leave "red line" on the right border
  • New: Autoclick to menu on OSD when moving the mouse
  • New: AC3 Decoder LFE channel mix in stereo mode
  • New: Save current position in playlist
  • New: Playlist is not saved in wife-protection mode
  • New: Equalizer and Seeking Bar display can be toggled on/off
  • Bugfix: Skins bugfixes, redownload skins please
  • Bugfix: Windows 98 is finally supported (95 is not)
  • Bugfix: Misc AVI Splitter fixes
  • Bugfix: YV12 on non-standard widths fixed
  • Bugfix: Better playlist randomization
  • Bugfix: MPEG2 Decoder fixes with Vista MPEG2 splitter
  • Bugfix: CD/DVD while where is no any compact disc in device problem
  • Bugfix: Playlist sorting
  • Bugfix: If minimized and run other file form explorer - window restored not into foreground
  • Bugfix: New scale for volume control (not -12..+12, but 0-100-200)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer fixes
  • Bugfix: Timebar repaint fix - more time until fadeout if mouse under timebar or equalizer
  • Workaround: Latest DivX put icon in taskbar and CP loses focus
  • Bugfix: Copy to clipboard didn't always work
  • Bugfix: Current playing file is now in the top of the recent list

New in 1.97 version (AVI)

  • New: WhenU Save addon in Free version
  • Bugfix: Several fixes in Crystal MPEG2 Decoder
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfixes in Crystal AC3 Decoder
  • Bugfix: Huge AVI files (> 2 Gb) support

New in 1.96 version (CMEA v3)

  • New: Release of CMEAv3 decoder, even better quality on the same bitrate

New in 1.95 version (MPEG2)

  • Bugfix: Massive bugfixes in Crystal MPEG2 decoder, now on by default
  • Bugfix: MPEG2 splitter fixes
  • New:New CMEA decoder, better quality on the same bitrate

New in 1.9 version (Towards DVD)

  • New: Built-in Crystal Reality MPEG1/2 video decoder (beta)
  • New: Built-in Crystal Reality ATSC A52 (AC3) multichannel audio decoder (beta)
  • New: Bookmarks in playlist with import and export functionality
  • New: Precise 10 band spectrum equalizer
  • New: On Screen Display controls
  • Bugfix: CrystalPlayer now works with QuickTime-alternative
  • Playlists now work in fullscreen
  • New: Deinterlacing video filter (for DVD)

New in 1.85 version (Christmas Edition)

  • New: Greatly improved multisampling, techniques use optimizations for hyper-threading (Pentium-IV), support of any video format (compared to competing technologies), motion morphing
  • New MPEG splitter
  • New Real splitter - more stable than Real One's
  • Wife Protection - erases recently viewed files
  • New skin feature - regions by mask
  • Bugfix: WMV hangs if no seeking
  • Bugfix: WMV no video with WMP7
  • Bugfix: WMV Video Decoder DMO (WMP7) hangs in YV12 mode
  • Bugfix: Old ASF parser hangs trying to seek -> rewind now
  • Bugfix: Aspect Rate with SuperSampling
  • Bugfix: Restart saving window position
  • Bugfix: Flashing while MultiSampling
  • Bugfix: Subtitles Engine is updated
  • Bugfix: Cursor flashing in fullscreen mode

New in 1.8 version (Killer)

  • New: Updated skin.
  • Bugfix: Video jump while playback.
  • Bugfix: Proportional resizing & opening new file problem.
  • New: Sharpness on-screen control
  • New: CrystalMobile Engine 1.5 with sound!
  • New: Supersamling feature: automatic bilinear resizing of the low-resolution movies into normal overlay resolution - greatly improves the quality (Professional only).
  • New: Multisampling feature: adds additional interpolated frames between normal frames in the movie - improves quality by increasing framerate (Professional only).
  • Bugfix: Screenshot filepath was incorrect
  • Bugfix: Mouse cursor flashing in fullscreen
  • Bugfix: Splitter rounding problem
  • Bugfix: strange window resizing with missing codecs
  • Bugfix: Options->Audio->Disable Audio and Options->Audio->Mute checkboxes problem
  • New: Force back speakers audio playback
  • New: Hue on-screen control
  • New: Alt+Keypad can be used to scroll the zoomed image
  • New: Recently played menu
  • New: Support of more than one soundcard
  • New: Automatic PC shutdown after the playback

New in 1.76 version (Fixes and Fixes)

  • Bugfixed: video lock while playback - audio goes while video is stopped.
  • Bugfixed: repeat forever + non shuffle = crash
  • Italian language pack updated
  • Bugfixed: Windows NT installation troubles
  • Bugfixed: WMV files positioning hang up

New in 1.75 version (Towards 2.0)

  • New Video Renderer:
    • Supports following rendering modes:
      • Overlays (hardware rendering of video during monitor refreshing)
      • HWCodec (hardware rendering of video in physical video memory)
      • DirectDraw (DirectDraw unit is used to render video)
      • DrawDIB (software rendering, optimized convertions, resizing methods)
    • Supports following pixel formats:
      • RGB15 (5 bits per red, greean and blue conponents) known as High Color
      • RGB16 (5 bits per red and blue and 6 bits for green component) known as High Color
      • RGB24 (8 bits per red, greean and blue conponents) known as True Color
      • RGB32 (8 bits per red, greean and blue conponents and 8 bits for alpha channel) known as True Color
      • YUY2 Packed YUV 4:2:2 format
      • YVYU Packed YUV 4:2:2 format
      • UYVY Packed YUV 4:2:2 format
      • YV12 Planar YUV 4:2:0 format (fastest color format - used as main pixel format in Crystal Player video kernel)
    • Supports double buffering for overlays, vertical sync wait for HWCodec and DirectDraw modes, nearest point and bi-linear interpolation modes for DrawDIB software resizing.
  • Crystal Player Mobile engine is optimized so now you can convert your videos to CME format with 10fps for 176x144 and 12fps for 160x128.
  • JPEG format for screenshots is supported (thanks to libjpeg)
  • Major updates of REAL splitter
  • Clean Picture feature for truncated AVI files (DivX 3,4,5 supported - it was dirty picture after seeking before)
  • Fast change of Aspect Rate (just press shift and resize main window)
  • Force FourCC feature. Automatically replace compatible FourCC of the video to be recognized by your codecs. More